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Pál Hegyi Pál Hegyi, PhD,
Senior Lecturer

Phone: +36 1 485 5200 / 4215
Office: Room 313
Office hours: Monday 10:30-12:00


Pál Hegyi, PhD, is senior lecturer at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, Department of American Studies. He is a member of HAAS and HUSSE, having published on narratology, contemporary American and Hungarian literature, gendering strategies, and popular culture. Hegyi is the author of numerous studies and reviews released both in Hungarian and international journals (Filológiai Közlöny, Literatura, Helikon, Americana, Hungarian Review; Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies, Hungarian Cultural Studies). As literary translator, he has novels of Elmore Leonard, Stephen King, and David Cronenberg to his name. His monograph on the uncanny nature of absence in Paul Auster's early work was published in 2016 (Fehér terek [White Spaces]), while his second volume on the memetic allegorizations of the uncanny (Lovecraft Laughing: Uncanny Memes in the Weird) came out in 2019 (AMERICANA eBooks).

Research Areas

narratology: innovative poetics in contemporary American and Hungarian literature
literary theories and film semiotics in the aftermath of postmodernism
the American sublime revisited: the current rise of 'true stories', faction, and metanarratives
hegemony versus counter culture and the fifth wave of industrial revolution
gendered identites in contemporary literature and popular culture
popular culture and the music industry


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