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BA in English and American Studies

The BA program in English and American Studies is offered by the School of English and American Studies (SEAS), Eötvös Loránd University.

Study units and credits

Duration of the program in semesters: 6 semesters (3 years)
Credits required for graduation: 180 credits

Summary of Obligatory Modules Required for Graduation (in credits)
General studies within English and American studies: 6 credits
Foundation studies: 56 credits
American Specialisation (Core Studies): 50 credits
Free Electives: 10 credits
Minor/Second Specialisation: 50 credits
Graduation: 4 credits

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For the list of courses offered by DAS see the BA study unit list of the American track within the BA (major) programme in English and American studies. For the particular courses each term, check out the SEAS Course Catalogue

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For information on thesis requirements in the BA in the American track, see:

and consult:
Szakdolgozati követelmények / Thesis requirements
and the MLA Formatting and Style Guide


The level of degree issued in the BA program is bachelor of arts. The qualification is indicated in the diploma as Philologist in English Studies (American Studies) (anglisztika alapszakos bölcsész (amerikanisztika szakirány) .


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