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MA in American Studies

Why choose the MA program in American Studies?

The key role of the United States, along with its political, economic and cultural influence in our region, makes it increasingly necessary to educate young professionals who are not only proficient in English, but also have comprehensive knowledge of the culture, social-political structure, history and other important aspects of the English-speaking world, mainly that of the United States.

Our former graduates with an MA degree in American Studies have found work in civil and diplomatic service, international relations, tourism, the business sector, as well as the cultural sphere, for example in schools, at journals, in publishing companies, and in the media. Many of our alumni have continued their studies in a PhD program at ELTE or at American universities, and have afterwards entered into the academia and work at universities or colleges.

The history of American studies at Eötvös Loránd University

The American studies program was launched in 1990 first as a "type-B" degree program, then in 1994 the program became an independent "type-A" degree course combinable with a teaching degree. In 1999 Canadian Studies joined us which further broadened the field of education and research in American Studies.

International relations

The standard of education in American Studies is ensured by the fact that our teachers are not only leading figures of American Studies in Hungary but also play important roles in international academic life. Accordingly, our teachers regularly hold courses in American and European universities, and frequently take part in international teacher exchange programs and conferences. Our publications appear in prestigious international journals and in books of international publishing houses.

Admission requirements for Hungarian students

  • Language examination certificate
    C-type (complex) advanced level state language examination certificate from English language or a language examination certificate equivalent to that.
  • BA degree and credits
    A further condition of admission to the MA program is that the student must have at least 50 credits in English or American Studies that can be transferred from their previous studies, out of which at least 30 credits must be from the fields of American English language, and American literature and culture. At the time of admission the student must have at least 38 credits collected from the above 50 credits, while missing credits must be earned parallel with the MA program within two semesters from admission.
  • Entrance exam
    Written stage: The points of the written stage are calculated from the grade of the thesis as indicated on the diploma submitted as a prerequisite of application.
    Oral stage: An interview that serves the assessment of applicants' competency. For this the department recommends three books, the reading (not learning!) of which will help students prepare for the oral exam. The three books are:
  • Enikő Bollobás, Az amerikai irodalom története. Budapest: Osiris, 2005.
  • Tibor Frank and Tamás Magyarics, Handouts for U.S. History: A Study Guide and Work Book. 2nd ed., Budapest: Panem, 1999.
  • Zoltán Kövecses, Az Amerikai Angol. „The Voice of America”. Budapest: ELTE Eötvös Kiadó, 1996.

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Admission procedure for international students

International applicants should visit ELTE's information page for prospective international students:

Scholarships and doctoral studies

Master's students may apply for Erasmus scholarships to a wide variety of excellent higher education institutions in the EU. Those wishing to continue their studies after graduation may choose to do so in the PhD Program in American Studies, launched by the Department in 2000.


The level of degree issued in the MA program is Master of Arts. The qualification is indicated in the degree certificate as Philologist in American Studies (okleveles amerikanisztika szakos bölcsész (MA)). Language prerequisites: For obtaining the master's degree a complex intermediate (B2) level state language examination certificate is required from a foreign language other than English, or a maturity examination certificate or a degree equivalent to it.

Study units and credits

Duration of the program in semesters: 4 semesters
Credits required for graduation: 120 credits

  • Foundation studies (10 credits)
    American Literary Canons (Traditions, Schools, Movements); American Cultural Studies; The American People: A Social History; Descriptive American English Grammar; An Interdisciplinary Approach to American English

  • Core studies (25 credits)
    American Politics Today and Its System; From Immigration to Multiculturality: Assimilation in the U.S.; Visual Culture in the United States; Language, Mind, and American Culture; American Studies Theory and Practice

  • Specialization studies (45 credits)
  • In the field of American cultural studies: Social Problems in the U.S.A.; American Film; Religion: Born in the U.S.A.; The Methodology of Cultural Studies
  • In the field of American society and history: The United States and Hungary; American Foreign Policy Yesterday and Today; Writing and Teaching American History in the U.S.; The Attempts of the U.S. to Create an Empire; Sources of American Studies in Public Collections and on the Internet
  • In the field of American literature: Gender, 'Race' and Ethnicity in American Literature and Culture; Reading Critical Texts; Constructions and Reconstructions of Americanness and American Values in American Literature; The Methodology of American Literary Criticism
  • In the field of American English language, cognition and communication: Cognitive Science and the Critique of American Society; Media and Communication in the U.S.; Cognitive Linguistics; The Methodology of Cognitive Linguistic Research

Free electives: 10 credits
Thesis: 20 credits

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