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Student Government

The institute of SzHÉK (Szakos Hallgatói Érdekképviselet – Student Body Representatives) is considered to be the second largest student formation of ELTE University, the first being HÖK (Hallgatói Érdekképviselet - Student Union). Members are elected by the registered students of each major.

Since its operation the SzHÉK of DAS has been responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of information between HÖK and their share of the Student Body. It has established an easily accessible surface for posting important information and has kept that updated continuously. As other student organizations, the SzHÉK of DAS is also obliged to call the attention of their fellow students to news concerning any changes in their studies, national and international scholarship opportunities, funds accessible for socially challenged students, interesting conferences, lectures, new ELTE publications, and any parties opened for all students of ELTE.

The organization is also entitled to create an official platform for members of the Faculty of given majors and the Student Body of that major for discussing issues concerning university studies. Such issues may include the coordination of the Scientific Student Association of American Studies (TDK), representing the Department at the Institute Council and HÖK meetings, Course and Instructor Evaluation, requests regarding schedule conflicts, and the settlement of occasional encroachments on student rights. SzHÉK holds responsibility for setting up and monitoring communication touching upon topics listed above, and takes part in the dialogue as the negotiator.

Last, but not least, the organization should strive for improving community life at their department by means of organizing extracurricular activities for their students. The SZHÉK of DAS has been offering regular or occasional cultural and sport activities, social events, celebrations, lectures, excursions, and so on. They also encourage the communication of the given department with other departments and invite them for cooperation, or organize joint programs with student organizations of other majors. Likewise, it falls within their scope of duties to initiate the publication of any material important for and supported by the given department.

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